Robust Housing Supported Accomodation

A Foundation for Independent Living

What Is Robust Housing Supported Accommodation?

Robust Housing Supported Accommodation is a specialised residential service designed to cater to individuals with higher support needs, offering a secure and supportive living environment.

This type of accommodation goes beyond typical housing, providing additional structural and support features to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

It is specifically tailored for individuals who require continuous support and a robust living environment to thrive independently.

Robust Housing
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A Solid Support System

Robust Housing Supported Accommodation at Charter Care Services is a specialised residential solution designed to offer continuous support for individuals with higher care needs. Within these purposefully designed residences, our committed team ensures that residents receive round-the-clock assistance, addressing daily activities, personal care, and medical support. The core focus is on creating a secure and nurturing environment where individuals can flourish while upholding a strong sense of independence. From highly trained support staff to individually tailored care plans, Robust Housing Supported Accommodation represents a holistic approach to living that places paramount importance on individual well-being, comfort, and a supportive community. It goes beyond being merely a place of residence; it's a home where residents receive the unwavering assistance and support essential for leading fulfilling lives.

Safety & Security

Our robust housing is designed with enhanced safety features, ensuring a secure living space for individuals with higher support needs.


We prioritise accessibility, ensuring that the living environment is adapted to accommodate diverse mobility and support requirements.

Personalised Support

Each resident receives a personalised support, addressing their unique needs and promoting independence within a supportive community.

At Charter Care Services, we believe in creating not just a living space but a home where you can thrive. Let us support you in achieving your goals, building your capacity, and establishing meaningful connections that contribute to a fulfilling and enriched life.

  • Tailored Plans for Independent Living

How We Can Help You

Embark on a journey of comprehensive support and security with Robust Housing Supported Accommodation at Charter Care Services. Our commitment extends beyond providing a place of residence; we are dedicated to creating a home that prioritises your well-being, independence, and safety. Explore how our tailored support objectives can enhance your living experience.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Our focus is on environment with robust safety measures, guaranteeing the well-being and security of each resident.

Specialised Accessibility Features

Tailoring the living space to accommodate diverse accessibility needs is a key focus, promoting ease of movement and fostering a sense of independence

Individualised Support

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with residents to craft personalised support, ensuring a tailored approach that nurtures independence while providing necessary assistance.

Community Engagement

We encourage and facilitate community engagement within the robust housing setting, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents.

Is Robust Housing Supported Accommodation Right for Me?

Robust Housing Supported Accommodation is ideally suited for individuals with higher support needs, offering continuous assistance and a secure living environment.

If you aren’t sure if this is what you are looking for, or you would like to learn more, get in touch with out friendly team who can help work with you to find the right outcome.

  • Mobility Challenges: If you face challenges related to mobility and require ongoing support for ease of movement.
  • Sensory Sensitivities: For individuals with sensory sensitivities who benefit from a supportive and accommodating living environment.
  • Complex Support Requirements: Those with conditions requiring additional assistance for day-to-day living, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach.
  • Seeking a Secure Living Environment: If you prioritise security and a robust living space that caters to your specific needs.
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FAQs About Robust Housing Supported Accommodation

Safety features may include emergency response systems, enhanced building security, and accessibility modifications to minimise potential risks.

Yes, within the framework of safety and support, we aim to provide residents with options to personalise their living spaces based on individual preferences.

No, Robust Housing Supported Accommodation is suitable for individuals of all ages with higher support needs, regardless of age.

If you require continuous support, have higher support needs, and value the security of a robust living environment, Robust Housing Supported Accommodation may be the ideal solution. Our team can assess your needs and discuss suitability based on your unique requirements.

Explore the possibilities of Robust Housing Supported Accommodation at Charter Care Services. We're here to ensure that your living space not only meets but exceeds your accessibility requirements.

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Improved Liveability

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Short Term Accomodation

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Can't find the specific option you're looking for or want more information? Contact our friendly support team. We're here to listen, understand your unique needs, and work together to build the perfect solution for you. Your journey to personalised support begins with us.

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Our Trusted Partners In Support

At Charter Care Services, our commitment to providing exceptional support and care that extends beyond our direct services. We proudly collaborate with esteemed partners who share our dedication to enhancing the lives of NDIS participants.

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Real Voices

Find out about real people's experiences with Charter Care Services and how we have helped them with enhancing their lives.

Fully Accessible Supported Accomodation

"I can't express enough how grateful I am for the support and care I've received from Charter Care Services.

The journey to finding suitable accommodation was daunting, but the team's dedication and personalised approach made all the difference. From the moment I moved into my fully accessible supported accommodation, I felt a sense of belonging and comfort. The staff not only knew my name but also took the time to understand my needs, creating a plan that truly catered to my independence. The consistency of familiar faces and the respect for my privacy have made this house feel like a home.

Charter Care Services goes beyond just providing a service; they've become my partners in creating a life of fulfillment and independence. If you're navigating the world of NDIS and looking for more than just a service, I highly recommend Charter Care Services."

“The team's dedication and personalised approach made all the difference”

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