I Am Alex

I Am Alex: A Journey of Resilience and Community Support

NECK injury victim Alexander Clark smiled and whacked his dad in the face with his arm, a moment of progress that filled his father, Paul, with immense pride.

These moments of progress, wrapped in a schoolboy's sense of humor, have uplifted everyone supporting Alexander's recovery from a traumatic spinal cord injury. Alexander, 15, will watch tonight’s Wallabies Test on TV in the hospital with mates from the Nudgee College community, who have rallied around him since his life changed in an instant on August 4, when he was tackled while diving to score a try in a 15Bs match.

Alex 1

“It was a freak accident with no rhyme or reason, and there’s no anger for anyone,”

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“It was a freak accident with no rhyme or reason, and there’s no anger for anyone,” Paul said from his office in Lae, Papua New Guinea. “The support from mates and from his school has been wonderful and truly is one of the big motivating factors in his rehabilitation and therapy."

When Paul asked Alexander to show what movement he had in his arms, Alex playfully whacked him in the face, showcasing his resilient spirit and sense of humor. Although Alex had little movement in his fingers, he could eat a meal on his own and his arm strength helped when being hoisted into his wheelchair at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Nudgee students gathered on Ross Oval to form a heart shape around the words “Be Strong Alex.” On Saturday, March 9, more than 1,500 Nudgee College community members gathered on Wilkes Oval for Blue for Alex, a spectacular event to support Alex Clark. The evening featured performances by Old Boy Pete Murray, Midnight Groove, and Powderfinger bass guitarist John 'JC' Collins. Sporting greats like Wally Lewis, Emily Seebohm, Ian Healy, Susie O'Neill, Sam Thaiday, and Laura Geitz showed their support, while a captivating poem by Rupert McCall and a spectacular fireworks display capped off the evening.

This event raised a significant sum for the Alexander Clark Trust, showcasing the incredible generosity and support of the Nudgee College community.

Support for Alex has come from all corners of the community.

Connecting with Charter Care Services

Inspired by the overwhelming support and the journey of recovery, Paul Clark founded Charter Care Services. The company's mission is to bridge the gap in the supply of quality NDIS support providers, ensuring that every individual receives the care and support they deserve. Paul's experience navigating the complexities of the NDIS and witnessing the impact of genuine community support has shaped the values and services offered by Charter Care Services. Today, CCS is dedicated to providing exceptional care and empowering individuals and families through compassionate, reliable, and personalised services

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