Rugby Sponsorship: Wheelchair Rugby Australia

Proud Sponsors of Wheelchair Rugby Australia

At Charter Care Services, we are thrilled to announce our partnership as proud sponsors of Wheelchair Rugby Australia. Our commitment to supporting this incredible sport aligns with our dedication to making a positive impact in our community. Through our sponsorship, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of wheelchair rugby, empowering athletes to achieve their fullest potential.

Wheelchair Rugby Sponsorship
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Credit: Joep Buijs

About Wheelchair Rugby Australia

Wheelchair Rugby Australia (WRA) is the national governing body for the sport of wheelchair rugby. Established to promote and develop the game, WRA provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to engage in competitive and recreational sports. Wheelchair rugby is a fast-paced, full-contact sport played by mixed-gender teams of athletes with physical disabilities. The sport is known for its strategic gameplay, athleticism, and the incredible spirit of its players.

Our Partnership

Our sponsorship of Wheelchair Rugby Australia represents more than just financial support; it is a commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for athletes. As Major Partners for the Brisbane round of the Charter Care Wheelchair Rugby National League, we are proud to contribute to the success of this significant event. Our collaboration ensures the safe and effective transit of all event participants, reflecting our dedication to providing comprehensive care and support.

The Wheelchair Rugby National League – Brisbane Bash

The 2024 Charter Care Wheelchair Rugby National League – Brisbane Bash is set to be a landmark event in the wheelchair rugby calendar. Held at Hibiscus Stadium from Friday, June 21st to Sunday, June 23rd, this three-day event will feature nine teams competing across two divisions. It will be the last opportunity to see Australian Steelers players in action before they head to the Paris Paralympics later this year.

Credit: Joep Buijs

Our Commitment

At Charter Care Services, we believe in the power of sports to transform lives and bring communities together. Our partnership with Wheelchair Rugby Australia is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and community support. By supporting wheelchair rugby, we aim to inspire athletes, promote physical activity, and contribute to a more inclusive society.

We are excited about the future of our partnership with Wheelchair Rugby Australia and look forward to supporting the athletes and the sport in their journey to success. Join us in celebrating the spirit of wheelchair rugby and the incredible athletes who inspire us all.

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