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CCS delivers meaningful care and support to people living with a disability

Our Personal Support programs are specifically tailored for people with disabilities to enjoy an inclusive and engaging environment.

There is an emphasis on learning practical life skills while building on confidence and social skills. All CCS Personal Support Staff are qualified and trained to ensure clients receive exceptional and meaningful support. We ensure that our clients are all at the centre of the decision making in relation to the care and support they receive.

We additionally provide access to all clients to their rosters to support input and decision making on the care team entrusted with their client's care.

Simply call us on 07 3155 6533 or click on the Contact Us button.

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Join Our Team

Choosing to apply for a new career with CCS means that you believe what we believe, that every person should have the freedom of choice, the opportunity to chase their passion and the support to live the life they choose.

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